Reworking Your Wardrobe: The Key To Effortless Dressing


Most have come to me with the notion that they have “no style”.  I disagree. I think everyone has style and an array of great outfits they didn’t know they had. I think whatever you feel good and comfortable in is STYLE. It’s organization that is the key and smart shopping off course but it all starts with your closet. Many just blindly shop for more without knowing what they already have. Wasting time, trust, money and ending up with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. That’s when a closet rework needs to happen.

Here are my 5 EASY STEPS (now I said “easy” not QUICK, remember that 😉 to getting you on your way to effortless dressing.

1. Remove everything. I mean everything …your about to do your own inventory. Now depending on the size of your closet it can take anywhere from 4-8 hours or more. Bear in mind you may need to break up the process over a couple days.

2. Now you sort  and toss. Remove all items that you haven’t worn in the last 2-3 years, don’t worry about regretting it…because you won’t! You won’t ever wear those again and you know it . Remove items that are piled, faded, lost their shape or damaged (no matter how attached you are it’s time to move on lol) and prepare them for donation, trash or consignment.  You’ll notice a lot of what you toss are the same brands, note those in the mental file for later, cough…            As for the trendy items that may come back it’s up to you. Most trends have a cycle of 8+ years, stay for 2-3 some for a bit longer and on to the next. So by the time it’s IN again you may want the latest version/s.

3. Your closet is to look like a store. All hangers the same (Walmart has decent wood or white plastic ones in 10 packs and well priced). All your keeper pieces now go back in, however this time they are walking into a dream world. All colors aligned all garments in sections, all knits, shorts, athletic wear and basics folded.  Trousers, jeans , skirts, dresses, blouses, jackets, blazers, long items like cardigans and kimonos are now hanging and merchandised. Bags lined up on a shelf. And all footwear lined up by season and color.

4. Step back. You may have 50% less than before but it’s all worth it! You are now on your way to reinventing yourself, your wardrobe and your wallet.  The items you have left are what you build around.  You make a few outfits out of what you have or have someone help you and know exactly what you need or don’t when it’s time to shop.

5. Now you have the recipe and can shop for the ingredients, right?! The concept is similar to cooking.  So here is my final and most important tip. QUALITY over QUANTITY. Go for quality over quantity always. Your goal here is to build a 10+ year wardrobe or better yet — a timeless one.

See my post on “ Building a 10 Year Wardrobe: Where to Start. “

Liz 💋


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