Building a 10 Year Wardrobe: Where to Start


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A ten year wardrobe revolves around classics and staples. If you consider your personal style “trendy”, then switching to classic can be challenging (at first). Many find “classic” style to be boring but it doesn’t have to be. I consider my personal style to be classic, and when I do wear trendy pieces they are the “Classic” ones (See my post “The SS ‘19 Classic Trends” next Sunday March 24th). Here are my 3 top tips for building yourself a 10 year wardrobe.



Many bypass the quality aspect when it comes to building your basics. They are what a canvas is to an artist, that’s how important they are. The main issue is when you go cheap in this department they become a revolving door of $$$$ wasted. I always recommend going for better quality basics that will last you 5-8 years or more. YES FOR REAL!  unless you tear or stain them off course.  I will go over my fave brands for a quality and timeless wardrobe (that don’t break the bank) in my SHOPPING GUIDE Sunday March 24th.



Neutrals are the golden child of any wardrobe because, why? Because they go with Everythang! This is how you start building yourself an interchangeable wardrobe. Which is what most of my clients want, is a wardrobe that easily goes from day to night. For eg., you can wear a cropped taupe blazer, a white bodysuit underneath and a black pencil skirt to the office, then go home and change the bottom half into skinny jeans and head out to dinner without batting an eyelash. The thing about neutrals (Taupes, Greys, Nudes, Navy, Black, White, Cream and even Olive) is they are easy on the eyes and transition well with various pieces. Especially animal prints, florals, camo, leather, denim and the eventual addition of more color etc.



My number one tip to clients in this area is!…Yes you can and no it doesn’t have to be costly if you don’t want it to be, it just requires smart shopping and planning. Know the brands you love that haven’t disappointed you and sign up for their emails. Bookmark the items that work for you, make sure these retailers have REFUND in their policy. Once their annual sales hit you go to your bookmark and load the cart. This way you score your favorites for 30%-70% less. Side note BLACK FRIDAY each year is one of the best weeks for epic deal grabs. As for the items you can’t wait for or that never go on sale just plan, save, ask for it for your birthday etc., just don’t surrender to the lesser quality version that you will end up tossing after one wash!

Liz 💋




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