Ask Liz: Easy Pieces


 Hi Liz! – I am a Nurse and live in SCRUBS most of the time. When I go out I have literally nothing to wear! I do not want to spend a lot of money on clothes because I don’t go out much. What do you recommend I do, or buy to be more prepared for any event? As soon as I walk into a store I feel bombarded and overwhelmed!!
 – Danielle, Costa Mesa, CA


Hi Danielle, thanks for writing in! This is a common issue I see among both men and women. That is why an interchangeable wardrobe is at the top of everyone’s shopping list. In your situation the solution is three magic words, “LITTLE BLACK DRESS – AKA: LBD” this classic staple has been coming to wardrobe rescues for decades and for good reason. Its highly versatile. They come in an array of styles to suite many tastes from the fashion forward, or simple dresser to the more conservative client. My favorite style is with a capped sleeve (or short sleeve pictured above) as it accentuates the shoulders nicely. It’s also more elegant and flattering to various body types. I like the respectable length being right above the knee as it makes it an easy go to for an occasion. Throw on a blingled out waist-defining belt and strappy heels for a dressier look or a cardigan and knee or ankle boot for a casual option. You can add a jean jacket or leather one with  sandals for a day event. If you want to convert it into a professional look throw on a blazer in any color with pumps and your good to go!

Liz 💋

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