3 Very Veratile SS/19 “CLASSIC” Trends

I love trendy pieces that are also classics. Here are 3 examples and a few ways to wear them.

1. ANIMAL PRINT: We keep hearing it’s a jungle out there in the fashion world and for good reason. The legendary wardrobe classic is clawing it’s way into the season and in a good way! Bring out the old or go for new items adorned with the coveted Leopard print. If you previously snagged yourself a clutch or blouse, maybe go for a sneaker or sandal this time around to add to an all black look. Side note: MULES are a major look this season (TREND) as well and also a classic. Go for a pair in animal print and kill two birds with one stone!

E654D17E-2385-4FC0-B2C2-A03D66D6A6C2Photo Courtesy @mrscasual Pinterest


2.  LOW KEY UTILITY: The possibilities are endless with this classic that is hitting the fashion world by storm this season. Whether its a Military style jacket with huge boxy pockets, or simpler ones. High-rise cargo pants or bahama style cargo shorts, you can pair them all with so much. Basics, prints, sparkle, leather, denim jackets or vests that are cropped or oversized it all works!

My favorite retailer for this one is FASHION NOVA – due to Quality and a good price point. Comparable to Zara and Top Shop but with a sexier edge fit wise.

71374428-FA6C-4088-999B-4337C6560368.jpegPhoto Courtesy poshmark.com


3. STRAW BAGS: Whether you are headed to roam the Tuscan vineyards in Italy this summer, headed to a garden party or simply out and about this classic comes in an array of shapes and sizes and wait for it…my favorite – ITS NEUTRAL! Yes so it goes with almost anything and everything. Alternatively you can go for color. Red, Pink etc. The tote style is most popular as it can also be used as a beach bag. I love the small circular rattan.



Photo Courtesy @i.pinimg.com

Liz 💋

Ask Liz: Easy Pieces


 Hi Liz! – I am a Nurse and live in SCRUBS most of the time. When I go out I have literally nothing to wear! I do not want to spend a lot of money on clothes because I don’t go out much. What do you recommend I do, or buy to be more prepared for any event? As soon as I walk into a store I feel bombarded and overwhelmed!!
 – Danielle, Costa Mesa, CA

Hi Danielle, thanks for writing in! This is a common issue I see among both men and women. That is why an interchangeable wardrobe is at the top of everyone’s shopping list. In your situation the solution is three magic words, “LITTLE BLACK DRESS – AKA: LBD” this classic staple has been coming to wardrobe rescues for decades and for good reason. Its highly versatile. They come in an array of styles to suite many tastes from the fashion forward, or simple dresser to the more conservative client. My favorite style is with a capped sleeve (or short sleeve pictured above) as it accentuates the shoulders nicely. It’s also more elegant and flattering to various body types. I like the respectable length being right above the knee as it makes it an easy go to for any occasion. Throw on a blinged out waist-defining belt and strappy heels for a dressier look or a cardigan and knee or ankle boot for a casual option. You can add a jean jacket or leather one with  sandals for a day event. If you want to convert it into a professional look throw on a blazer in any color with pumps and your good to go!

Liz 💋

Building a 10 Year Wardrobe: Where to Start


Photo courtesy ©Pinterest


A ten year wardrobe revolves around classics and staples. If you consider your personal style “trendy”, then switching to classic can be challenging (at first). Many find “classic” style to be boring but it doesn’t have to be. I consider my personal style to be classic, and when I do wear trendy pieces they are the “Classic” ones (See my post “The SS ‘19 Classic Trends” next Sunday March 24th). Here are my 3 top tips for building yourself a 10 year wardrobe.



Many bypass the quality aspect when it comes to building your basics. They are what a canvas is to an artist, that’s how important they are. The main issue is when you go cheap in this department they become a revolving door of $$$$ wasted. I always recommend going for better quality basics that will last you 5-8 years or more. YES FOR REAL!  unless you tear or stain them off course.  I will go over my fave brands for a quality and timeless wardrobe (that don’t break the bank) in my SHOPPING GUIDE Sunday March 24th.



Neutrals are the golden child of any wardrobe because, why? Because they go with Everythang! This is how you start building yourself an interchangeable wardrobe. Which is what most of my clients want, is a wardrobe that easily goes from day to night. For eg., you can wear a cropped taupe blazer, a white bodysuit underneath and a black pencil skirt to the office, then go home and change the bottom half into skinny jeans and head out to dinner without batting an eyelash. The thing about neutrals (Taupes, Greys, Nudes, Navy, Black, White, Cream and even Olive) is they are easy on the eyes and transition well with various pieces. Especially animal prints, florals, camo, leather, denim and the eventual addition of more color etc.



My number one tip to clients in this area is!…Yes you can and no it doesn’t have to be costly if you don’t want it to be, it just requires smart shopping and planning. Know the brands you love that haven’t disappointed you and sign up for their emails. Bookmark the items that work for you, make sure these retailers have REFUND in their policy. Once their annual sales hit you go to your bookmark and load the cart. This way you score your favorites for 30%-70% less. Side note BLACK FRIDAY each year is one of the best weeks for epic deal grabs. As for the items you can’t wait for or that never go on sale just plan, save, ask for it for your birthday etc., just don’t surrender to the lesser quality version that you will end up tossing after one wash!

Liz 💋




Reworking Your Wardrobe: The Key To Effortless Dressing


Most have come to me with the notion that they have “no style”.  I disagree. I think everyone has style and an array of great outfits they didn’t know they had. I think whatever you feel good and comfortable in is STYLE. It’s organization that is the key and smart shopping off course but it all starts with your closet. Many just blindly shop for more without knowing what they already have. Wasting time, trust, money and ending up with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. That’s when a closet rework needs to happen.

Here are my 5 EASY STEPS (now I said “easy” not QUICK, remember that 😉 to getting you on your way to effortless dressing.

1. Remove everything. I mean everything …your about to do your own inventory. Now depending on the size of your closet it can take anywhere from 4-8 hours or more. Bear in mind you may need to break up the process over a couple days.

2. Now you sort  and toss. Remove all items that you haven’t worn in the last 2-3 years, don’t worry about regretting it…because you won’t! You won’t ever wear those again and you know it . Remove items that are piled, faded, lost their shape or damaged (no matter how attached you are it’s time to move on lol) and prepare them for donation, trash or consignment.  You’ll notice a lot of what you toss are the same brands, note those in the mental file for later, cough…            As for the trendy items that may come back it’s up to you. Most trends have a cycle of 8+ years, stay for 2-3 some for a bit longer and on to the next. So by the time it’s IN again you may want the latest version/s.

3. Your closet is to look like a store. All hangers the same (Walmart has decent wood or white plastic ones in 10 packs and well priced). All your keeper pieces now go back in, however this time they are walking into a dream world. All colors aligned all garments in sections, all knits, shorts, athletic wear and basics folded.  Trousers, jeans , skirts, dresses, blouses, jackets, blazers, long items like cardigans and kimonos are now hanging and merchandised. Bags lined up on a shelf. And all footwear lined up by season and color.

4. Step back. You may have 50% less than before but it’s all worth it! You are now on your way to reinventing yourself, your wardrobe and your wallet.  The items you have left are what you build around.  You make a few outfits out of what you have or have someone help you and know exactly what you need or don’t when it’s time to shop.

5. Now you have the recipe and can shop for the ingredients, right?! The concept is similar to cooking.  So here is my final and most important tip. QUALITY over QUANTITY. Go for quality over quantity always. Your goal here is to build a 10+ year wardrobe or better yet — a timeless one.

See my post on “ Building a 10 Year Wardrobe: Where to Start. “

Liz 💋


Ask Liz: A Side of Style


 Liz – HELP! I’m a millennial trapped in North Dakota with no access to fashion for 500 miles, and everyone in my blue-collar town wears clothes like simpletons. How can I be fashionable, yet blend in? I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb!
 – Sasha, Jamestown, ND

Sasha, thank you for your question. I feel for you! I live in an Oil and Gas dominated city where corporate and construction attire is the majority. I can attest to your reservations about wanting to be stylish, yet feeling like an outsider as soon as you slip on a sequin cami for a lunch date (or Louboutin heels! haha).

First, don’t try too hard to fit in. Always dress for yourself nobody else. Wear what is YOU and what your comfortable in. You can easily take a subtle approach to style to feel more at ease around certain people. I totally get it!  Some ideas would be sticking to basics and accenting them with for eg., a boyfriend flannel shirt (I love Zara and Aritzia for those) and layer over basics like a tank or bodysuit. Or simply just a plain T-shirt. Throw on a leather motorcycle jacket. Pair that with some high-rise Levi’s or skinny jeans. Add a rugged-yet-fashionable ankle or combat boot for eg., Steve Madden, Frye, Dr. Martens etc. There are many ways to be chic and stylish without screaming FASHION IS ME. Know what I mean?…

Also always remember this if you haven’t heard it before. No matter how dressed down you are  always wear sexy lace underwear, even though nobody can see it, there’s a magic about it. It elevates you and makes you feel sexy whether your in sweatpants or a ball gown.

Lastly, take advantage of online retailers, since the shopping choices in your area seem to be pretty slim. Many online retailers offer free shipping, and more importantly, REFUNDS if the items don’t fit.

Liz 💋



Im no beauty or skin care expert but I am definitely a consumer and love learning about good skincare. Being in my late 30’s skin care has become something I want to learn more about. Coming from an entire family in the fashion industry, I was never raised around the importance of skincare as much as buying, merchandising and fabrics were. In my opinion botox for the cheeks and other skin rejuvenation options can sometimes make you look worse, less natural and cost a fortune sometimes with less than desirable results. Always research, ask around and find someone who really knows what they are doing. Which is what I did. After some research and a few consultations I have found my HAPPY FACE PLACE 🙂 Read on to see what I learned and what has worked for me:

1. Moisturizing twice a day with a gel not a cream:

I have learned this is a necessity for all skin types. Ive learned that gel form is superior to all forms and that even oily skin needs hydration. There are many brands from various price points to choose from. My favorite is the PHYTO Corrective Gel Moisturizer @skinceuticals

2. Vitamin C Serum:

Not having this in you skincare regiment is like leaving for the day without breakfast.  Some say apply morning vs night. All depends on which line your using. This stuff has transformed my skin in so many ways.  After two babies in  a three year span and the fluctuating  hormones that come with that, I’ve watched the quality of my complexion downward spiral. I was all over the place for consults trying to figure out how to get my glow back, tighten, tone, exfoliate and brighten (plus find extra protection from the suns harmful rays). Added to lesson #1 came this. Add Vitamin C SERUM to your skincare regiment. Look for products that are backed by science for optimal results. Again I love @skinceuticals and learned  about this aswell last July

3. Simply a Facial or Peel:

Before running to get laser faced try an old fashioned facial or peel for a good hit of exfoliation, and see how you like it. There are so many great options out there and variations that give amazing and instant results. Glycolic, Hydra, Green Peel, XO  Facials are just a few of the options. While they can be overwhelming most are similar to one another..Just like dressing – sometimes less is more even when its about your face

4. SPF 30+ Sunscreen daily:

Ive only just started doing this for the last 10 months or so. SCARY that I was never aware of this daily skin saving necessity. I feel like most women know this but for me it was always a summer or beach vacation purchase. Not a daily skincare/beauty product. I’ve been using SPF 50 ever since! Loving @skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense 50