While smiling on the inside as it gives you fewer wrinkles 😉


Im no beauty or skin care expert but I am surely a consumer and huge fan of it all. Being in my late 30’s skin care and makeup technique has become more fascinating. Coming from an entire family in the fashion industry, I was never raised around the importance of skincare as much as buying, merchandising and fabrics were. In my opinion botox for the cheeks and other skin rejuvenation options can sometimes make you look worse, less natural and cost a fortune sometimes with less than desirable results. Always research, ask around and find someone who really knows what they are doing. Which is what I did. After some research and a few consultations I have found my HAPPY FACE PLACE 🙂 Read on to see what I learned and what has worked for me:

1. Moisturizing twice a day with a gel not a cream:

I have learned this is a necessity for all skin types. Ive learned that gel form is superior to all forms and that even oily skin needs hydration. There are many brands for various prices to choose from. My favorite is the PHYTO Corrective Gel Moisturizer @skinceuticals that I learned about at Revive Laser and Skin Calgary

2. Vitamin C Serum:

Not having this in you skincare regiment is like leaving for the day without breakfast.  Some say apply morning vs night. All depends on which line your using. This stuff has transformed my skin in so many ways.  After two babies in  a 3 year span, hormones, lack of sleep and poor diet I’ve watched the quality of my complexion downward spiral. I was all over the place for consults trying to figure out how not to look as tired as I feel and how to get my glow back, tighten, tone, exfoliate and brighten plus find extra protection from the suns harmful rays. Added to lesson #1 came this. Add Vitamin C SERUM to your skincare regiment. Look for products that are backed by science for optimal results. Again I love @skinceuticals and learned  about this aswell at Revive Laser and Skin Calgary last July

3. Simply a Facial or Peel:

Before running to get laser faced try an old fashioned facial or peel for a good hit of exfoliation, and see how you like it. There are so many great options out there and variations that give amazing and instant results. Glycolic, Hydra, Green Peel, XO  Facials…Just like dressing – sometimes less is more even when its about your face, which I also learned at XO Treatment Room and Revive Laser and Skin

4. SPF 30+ Sunscreen daily:

Ive only just started doing this for the last 10 months or so. SCARY that I was never aware of this daily skin saving necessity. I feel like most women know this but for me it was always a summer or beach vacation purchase. Not a daily skincare/beauty product. I’ve been using SPF 50 ever since! Loving @skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense 50 which I also learned via Revive Laser last summer

5. Contouring with BRONZER:

I HAVE always been a bronzer over blush girl so finding out I already had the product needed to enhance my cheekbones was a pleasant surprise! You can enhance your features without a costly contouring kit, full of options when you only need ONE. For most its just cheeks that want a little extra love after the eyes. I went in to see Dona at Tom Ford @Saks with a pen and paper in hand ready and set to draw faces, graphs, charts, all sorts of arrows…Just kidding but to my surprise she pulls out a Kleenex and folds it in half. lol OK, so…and then she goes – “you just place it right here, under the cheekbone and dust away”. That simple? Yes its really that simple. Im so excited to change up the way I do makeup, as it really doesn’t have to take a few hours in a master class to achieve some note worthy results!

Photo BEFORE  AND AFTER Product Details:

Tom Ford Bronzing Gel: Add it to your moisturizer, sunscreen or foundation for an instant adjustable tint. Its only $55 and I am obsessed with the magic of this product. This way your face can be ask dark or as light as the rest of your body without the sun.

Tom Ford Emotion Proof Concealer: Speaks for itself. Completely opened up my inner and under eye areas.

Tom Ford Blush – Inhibition

Tom Ford Highlight – Moonlight

Laura Mercier Baked Bronzer in 04

Chanel Water Based Tint Foundation – Les Beiges 2019