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Client Dilemma: Wardrobe transition from corporate career to stay at home mom. Wanting an everyday casual look that boosts confidence and requires little thought. To look effortlessly put together. Here is an example of how to wear what you have and how much easier it is to create a capsule wardrobe when it’s dominated by neutrals. The three piece process of dressing shown on the right is an example of how you can easily add a touch of chic with an extra layer or accessory like scarf and/or belt. Layer with a chambray for instance in place of a jean jacket.


The layering is easily sliming and more flattering. Side note: If a scarf is too extra for running errands keep it in the car and throw it on before showing up to your lunch date. Next week I will post part 2: The shopping experience for key pieces to compliment her style.

Liz 💋

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