Ask Liz: A Side of Style


 Liz – HELP! I’m a millennial trapped in North Dakota with no access to fashion for 500 miles, and everyone in my blue-collar town wears clothes like simpletons. How can I be fashionable, yet blend in? I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb!
 – Sasha, Jamestown, ND

Sasha, thank you for your question. I feel for you! I live in an Oil and Gas dominated city where corporate and construction attire is the majority. I can attest to your reservations about wanting to be stylish, yet feeling like an outsider as soon as you slip on a sequin cami for a lunch date (or Louboutin heels! haha).

First, don’t try too hard to fit in. Always dress for yourself nobody else. Wear what is YOU and what your comfortable in. You can easily take a subtle approach to style to feel more at ease around certain people. I totally get it!  Some ideas would be sticking to basics and accenting them with for eg., a boyfriend flannel shirt (I love Zara and Aritzia for those) and layer over basics like a tank or bodysuit. Or simply just a plain T-shirt. Throw on a leather motorcycle jacket. Pair that with some high-rise Levi’s or skinny jeans. Add a rugged-yet-fashionable ankle or combat boot for eg., Steve Madden, Frye, Dr. Martens etc. There are many ways to be chic and stylish without screaming FASHION IS ME. Know what I mean?…

Also always remember this if you haven’t heard it before. No matter how dressed down you are  always wear sexy lace underwear, even though nobody can see it, there’s a magic about it. It elevates you and makes you feel sexy whether your in sweatpants or a ball gown.

Lastly, take advantage of online retailers, since the shopping choices in your area seem to be pretty slim. Many online retailers offer free shipping, and more importantly, REFUNDS if the items don’t fit.

Liz 💋